Jesus of Nazareth, in the Gospel of Luke, said: “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required.” This quote inspired other statements on power and responsibility communicated by British parliament William Lamb, Under-Secretary of the Colonial Office Winston Churchill, and Comic book creator Stan Lee. The advice posited as a call-to-action, suggesting that those with power, might, ability or wealth are responsible for using their blessings to help others.

There are numerous companies that understand the role they must play when it comes to helping underserved and underrepresented communities. These leading corporate philanthropists do more than toss money toward a cause, instead, they motivate their employees to donate time and effort, they support their employees when they choose to launch charitable events, and they give regularly to nonprofit organizations that boast passionate, dedicated ideas.


The ExxonMobil Foundation has three core focuses, which are: women’s economic opportunity, malaria prevention and treatment, and math and science education. The firm donates $265 million annually, with half going toward educational initiatives. Education organizations matched up to 3:1 ratio for the first $7,500 contributed. They offer volunteer grant programs and employees can apply for up to four volunteer grants.


Apple is a corporate giant that’s grown fiercely due to the rapid creation of portable technology. Nearly as impressive, Apple matches gifts up to $10,000 annually for each of it’s 80,000 employees. They’ve matched $1.3 million worth of donations that has gone to schools, zoos, museums and other community organizations. Overall, they’ve matched $78 million in charities through their gift program.


Expedia is a service that’s well known to most jet-setters, but it’s also known to many in the philanthropic world. Their philanthropy program has a global reach, and the company matches up to $4,000 annually for giving, and they donate $15 per hour volunteered by employees.

General Electric

General Electric has long had matching gift programs, donating to higher-education institutions. GE’s philanthropic outreach also extended to public policy, giving programs, health, education, skills and entrepreneurship. The GE Foundation has launched numerous signature programs, including Developing Health Globally, which does work in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia to enhance healthcare delivery. Their Developing Futures in Education program supported professional development for educators and student achievement. Also, the Developing Health program helped to provide affordable healthcare to underserved communities in the United States.


Google is a company that needs no introduction and the goliath has given generously to a number of schools, educational institutions, health and human services, arts and cultural nonprofits, community organizations, and environmental and sustainability programs. The company’s employees and board members are offered benefits of a matching gift program, which will be matched up to $12,000 per person. Google has given more than $21 million to 9,000 worldwide organizations. They’ve also donated money for seed funding, homelessness, disaster relief and economic development.

Some other companies known for their corporate giving are Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Pepsico, Salesforce, and Walmart.

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