Charitable giving is something I keep very close to my heart. There are a number of local and national organizations I work with throughout the year, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a favorite of mine. Their philosophy of providing care to the sickest children without asking their families to contribute financially makes them a uniquely generous organization. 

Eat for the Cause

Each year since 2004, Ra Sushi in Pembroke Pines, FL hosts Nicky’s Week, a weeklong event during which 100% of sales from all Ra Sushi locations are donated to St. Jude. Nicky’s Week is celebrated to honor St. Jude patient Nicholas “Nicky” Maillard who passed away in 2005 after succumbing to brain cancer. In recent years, the event has brought in over $150K. All you have to do to participate is order sushi, making it easier than ever to donate to the cause.

Give Your Time to Show Your Love

Volunteering at a St. Jude event, be it running a 5K or organizing a toy drive, is a wonderful hands-on way to give back. This is also a great option if you want to help but aren’t in a position to donate funds. I am passionate about participating in St. Jude’s Hospital volunteer work in FL so that I can give back to the community I love.

Creative Events Make Fundraising Fun

Miami area specialty aquarium store, Reef Savvy, hosted a unique event in 2015 to raise funds for St. Jude. The 2015 Dream Tank Giveaway was an online event where donations earned you tickets. The amount paid was completely donated to St. Jude, since the event itself was sponsored by Reef Savvy and a number of other retailers. Lucky winners received one of a number of prizes that any aquarium enthusiast would love.

As an entrepreneur who depends upon my community for business success, giving back to my community is an important part of my personal philosophy. I encourage volunteer work and fundraising for St. Jude because about 75% of their annual operating costs are covered by these donations so it’s money that they sorely need.

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